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3x07: Mad City: Red Queen

Imagen para el episodio 3x7: Mad City: Red Queen

The episode (the seventh in the season) presents two different situations. On the one hand, Penguin tries to accept (with some difficulties) the new relationship of Nygma. On the other hand, Gordon goes on a drugs-like experience as a consequence of touching Mad Hatter's hand.

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3x04: Mad City: New Day Rising

Imagen para el episodio 3x4: Mad City: New Day Rising

On the one hand, Bruce and Alfred are finally willing to catch Bruce's double as the man is becoming more and more popular. On the other hand, Penguin's power increases as he intends to and works for becoming Gotham's new major. Finally, Gordon has a secret strategy involving the GCPD and Alice. What will he do?

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